SW003 Purity - live in Los Angeles



The origin of Some Ware: In September of 2015 Cali went to go see Purity play a show in Los Angeles and on the spot said to the band, “If Brendan and I start a new label to put out your record, could we put out your record?” Cali and Brendan had never discussed this before but the band said “Yes” and Cali texted Brendan the next day to tell him. The ensuing conversation quickly evolved from “hope this was okay… ” to what would the label be called — Some Ware — to a consideration of what else could happen with this new thing. The original idea was just to put out this one record, but Purity came into the picture at a very interesting and exciting time, so many friends working across different formats, many of then in LA, and all the rest visiting from time to time. Some Ware could publish a recording but also it could host people in a space, at a location, and maybe even that location is the body of someone they didn’t know yet.
So, in that fall of 2015, Purity set about recording Purity - live in Los Angeles and Some Ware submitted it to production shortly thereafter only to be met with a sort of absurd sequence of record pressing fumbles followed by a many month long delay in a factory queue. March 2016 saw SW001, the first Some Ware event (Odwalla 88, and Angels in America joined Purity in performance that night ) and SW002 (Purity performed a set at the Paramount Ranch III art fair), but then things got a bit out of order… and twenty five garments, cassettes, and parties later (SW004-SW029) we are so thrilled to finally bring you the record that started it all: SW003, Purity - live In Los Angeles.

SW003 Purity - live in Los Angeles
Vinyl pressing of Purity - Live in Los Angeles
30 minutes 26 seconds
made in USA