SW009 Octopus (2)

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In the summer of 2016 we made the first Octopus and Nimble shirts with our friends from London, No Vacancy Inn.
Octopus is the most nimble one out there.
It’s November 2017, the Octopus is back.
Octopus 2.
OCTOPUS in puff ink on front over over classic "Some Ware Some Ware" low chest hit and No Vacancy Inn logo’s in regular ink and large number 2 on back in puff ink, updated armpit labeling text for New Body shirt version.
Available in various small batch very custom colors.
This is the new Some Ware long sleeve t shirt shape.
The New Body.
Still size: one size, but new custom shape. Same length in body and sleeve as previous Some Ware shirt, but wider body, one back seam, superior drape. Fits even better, all bodies.
Now 100% recycled cotton, heavier feel and texture.
Still Made in USA
Small batch garment dyed (Very #rare colors)
Wear Often / Wear Rough