Keep chemicals at bay, perfumes and colognes that are chemical-free

Perfumes are in use for long, almost as long as humans have existed. It was first created in Ancient Egypt and since then it has evolved much as a product. Best perfumes have developed in a variety of styles, mixtures, and preparations. People like to adore oneself after using some perfumes that have got a nice pleasing smell.

Many brands are available these days that produce such perfumes but these perfumes do not any resemblance of original oils, colognes and eau de toilette that were previously made by using herbs and spices. The products used to manufacture perfumes these days are petrochemicals, which are derived from harmful petroleum and natural gas. Various other toxins are used as well in the production.

The chemicals used are not only harmful to the environment but they harm human health as well and cause damage to human health such as hormonal disruption, cancer, sperm damage and many other diseases that are worse. Have you ever experienced a headache after you turned a nose to a particular fragrance of perfume at the cologne counter of a departmental store

Different types of chemical-free perfumes

Oil-Based Perfume

These perfumes are made by mixing either a carrier oil or vodka along with some essential oils. The natural oils used in the production of such perfumes are easily absorbed into the skin and even contain hydrating properties.


Follow the easy basic ratio to make oil-based perfumes :

– 2 Tablespoons of any carrier oil such as olive oil, jojoba oil or coconut oil.
– 4 Tablespoons of Vodka.
– 30-40 drops of any essential oil probably of your choice.
– 2 Tablespoons of distilled water

Keeping distilled water aside mix all the other ingredients well and store the mixture in a container made of glass. Keep the bottle in a dark, cool place undisturbed for 6 weeks. This process will allow the mixture to mature properly. After 6 weeks, mix the oil with distilled water when you are planning to use the scent. Your safe and natural perfume is ready to use.

Oil-free perfume

For summer season when days are sticky, or for healing skin after sunburns, perfumes that are oil-free are great and you can also try amazing Cucumber aloe Body Mist. Aloe Vera helps in soothing sore skin, and the Mist needs to be refrigerated to store it so that it doesn’t get spoiled. The crisp cucumber and lemon will become great after refrigerating them and will give an awesome feeling when applied to the skin.

Another way of making oil-free perfumes are soaking your choice of dried herbs, spices, flowers or peels of vodka that are citrus in nature. You can soak them in water or mixing vodka and water in equal proportions. Set the mixture aside for a week and store it in a cool, dry place overnight or maybe for a span of one week. Strain the mixture using a strainer to separate the solids from it and store it in a refrigerator for the whole month. You can also create perfumes by experimenting with your herbs that are grown in your own garden.

Solid Perfume

Solid perfumes are loved by many and are preferred by many people. Solid perfumes can be produced in your kitchen yourself according to your preferences. Try the basic easy to make the recipe. The ingredients include beeswax as well and if you are not a big fan of bees products, consider swapping that with any product by selecting a similar bee-friendly option.

Natures perfume

If you are someone who doesn’t prefer using perfumes then give some natural products a try and smell fresh all day long with the help of some amazing scent left by the products. Sweet and good sight and smell of fresh flowers can not be resisted by anyone.

You can also try some perfumes by making a combination according to your choice and smell amazing and stand out in the crowd. Any combination of essential oils of dried herbs can be used to produce a scent that will turn various noses towards it.

Harmful effects of using chemical-induced perfumes

Fragrance doesn’t always mean something pleasing to the nose and an amazing smell like best smelling cuba cologne. The fact is often overlooked that the chemicals used to prepare fragrances are harmful and sometimes toxic in nature that can sometimes have a pungent smell. Chemicals are often used in the production of the scent to give them a distinct fragrance or to mask the odor of other ingredients.

Exposure to these chemicals can be harmful to a human being and can cause various problems such as irritation in the eyes and nose, throat irritation, forgetfulness, loss of coordination, nausea, etc. Many ingredients used for providing fragrance to the perfume can cause allergic reactions too. They also cause irritation in the respiratory system and sensitizers. Some serious health conditions can also occur by using chemical-induced perfumes such as asthma attacks, sinus problems, etc.

Fragrances in health care

The health care products supplied also contain fragrances that are from various resources that are mentioned below

  • Fragrances that are emitted from devices and sprays.
  • Workers, patients, and other people who have used body sprays and other products.
  • Clothes that have been washed with detergents that have scents used or fabric softeners.
  • Fragrances used in cosmetics, skin lotions and hair products.

The air quality indoors can be improved in the health care facilities if the hospitals introduce fragrance-free policies for employees, products, non-employee hospital occupants.

Hospitals can also consider using health care products and cleaning agents that are free from fragrances emitted from the chemicals. Safe products free from chemicals should be used as personal care products. You can also search for such products online or in departmental stores that are free from fragrances of all kinds.

The chemicals used in the production can be harmful not only to the person who has direct contact with it but also to others who breathe in the chemicals as secondary users.…

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Want to talk about fragrance like a pro? Here is your guide to teach you some fragrances term.

Summer guide

As the summer heats up your body and make your body to sweat more, your body becomes the attraction for some bacteria and fungi which in turn gives your characteristics sweat smell. People are very attentive in controlling the sweating smell. The best way to get rid of sweaty smell is perfume. People around the globe use it and some people use it on a daily basis. But , very few of them can tell you about the term used in fragrance Industry. They can tell you about the brands and perfumes which smells better but when the term citric, woody and same terminology used in fragrance industry came into play they just get blown.

If you want to be a fragrance expert in front of your friends and colleagues then you are at a good place to be. Here is your guide to make you learn about some of the most used terminology of fragrance which is used by fragrance expert. One of the experts had given us their precious time to tell us about the terminology and their meanings. So, just get lean on your bed or on your desk , wherever you feel comfortable and read this .

Citrus fragrance

Many people or may be few of the can tell you about the fragrances like rose and citrus. But very few of them can tell you about other terms . We will start defining the terms. Here we begin.

Gourmand:- it actually means yummy or you can say tasty. It means that when you smell it you will get your mouth filled with water, that is saliva. It is type of scents which wakes your “papilles”. In French it means tastebuds. Tastebuds are the nerves which gets activated whenever you smell or eat anything tasty and yummy. Which in response makes your mouth salivate. In common words anything which is like sweet and sugary are called as gourmand. Usually it is referred to vanilla. As it is both sweet and sugary. Orange blossom and apricot which is dried up to made candle are also very popular too.

Oud :- Oud is not a synthetic fibre. It is just a type of resin of tree. It is very popular in the Middle East areas. You can also find it the warm areas and continents. Worlds most expensive oud came from the tree of Japan. It is used by many famous fragrance maker. People harvest it just for the fragrance industry. It is not came out naturally from the tree. It is made from the tree. It goes through some process to become useful for making perfumes from it. First , you have to go under the skin of tree.

You have to dig deeper and deeper until you get the wet woods. They you have to dry it under the sun untill it gets its smoky smell and then you can extract the oud from it. There are also animal ouds which is obtained from camel but many perfumers do not use it.

Musky:- It came from animal. But nowadays synthetic musk is also in use. It is used to add warmth in fragrances. It also works with pheromones to spark attraction and desire. It has a very light tone of smell . It lies between floral and sweet smell.

Woody:- One should not get confused between woody and oud. They both are different. Woody is a description; oud is a note. Woody smells came from wood only like Amber and many more but you can combine our with some flower as well.

Spicy:- As its name suggest spicy means the type of scents which tickles your nose in someways. It has overtone note which in smell is very deeper. It also has pepper in it. Which gave it a spicy touch. It also has bergamot which is a citrus but in its pure form it is very spicy also.

Oriental:- When you mix woody and spicy smell it is Oriental. It is sometimes gets associated with oud and Amber. The term isn’t used to describe ingredients or scents from the Oriental region.
Now you have learned the most used fragrance words. Now you can show off in front of your friends and colleagues.…

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The Problem With Fashion Brands That Call Themselves Sustainable

With the ever-changing fashion industry, it is not uncommon to get a new press release about some new fashion trend every week. With all the new trends on or the other new brands come up calling themselves sustainable. Such brands try to portray themselves as an exciting and revolutionary fashion brand. Brands like these use buzz words such as environmentally and socially conscious. Such brands portray themselves more than just a company selling clothes.

These fashion brands come with some fundamental flaws that most people seem to overlook.

The fashion industry is going through some major sustainability issues. According to surveys and research, by 2030, it is predicted that the industry’s water consumption will grow by 50 percent to 118 billion cubic meters (or 31.17 trillion gallons), its carbon footprint will increase to 2,791 million tons and the amount of waste it creates will hit 148 million tons.

zara brand

Yes, the industry is working to reduce the environmental footprint of its products. But the problem has been shifting more and more towards the consumption side as people are buying more and more clothes just to satisfy their hunger for fashionable clothes.

The barebone version of the definition of sustainability says that it encompasses both the environmental and social aspects which include the whole lifecycle of a garment that is from its manufacturing to its death. This also includes the material required to make these garments and the composition of the chemicals used in the process. On the social side, it concerns how the workers are treated which includes their wages and working environment. This all ends with the reusability of the cloth.

The sustainability of the fashion industry is a major issue as this industry is providing more supply than what the demand is for. Every year a marginally huge amount of clothes are produced that end up being thrown away or are kept on the shelves of a clothing store waiting for its new owner. This process leaves a huge amount of piling cloth bundle that no one requires but is still being manufactured.

Luxury brands

One such market is the Luxury fashion industry. Though Luxury brands have learned from the lessons above and restructured their supply chains according to mainstream fashion business models. Some luxury companies treat their suppliers in a way which (Small and Medium Enterprises and artisans) is aimed at requesting an increasing reduction of prices without having the need to take the responsibility of how it is being achieved. For example in Europe, there is news of illegal workers employed by tier 2 or 3 suppliers who produce bags and accessories for brands we all know.

Another unsustainable feature, which is unique to luxury brands, is the regular misuse of artisans in developing countries. In search for inspiration, they contact artisans through their design teams to discuss ideas on decorations, fabric, traditional skills, and materials, etc. Samples are produced and designers get to become familiar with designs and shapes that belong to other cultures. These ideas are used to develop designs, but often the artisan does not see a penny of reward, as only a small percentage of ideas become a commercial product.

Commonly, this “idea” is produced elsewhere by a trusted tier 1 supplier, thus the contribution of artisans is limited to product development, badly or even not paid, with the promise of future orders. There are exceptions to this, but they remain exceptions.

All these issues can be fixed by taking some simple but highly effective steps. Lack of a standardization community is one of the major drawbacks of the fashion industry which can be fixed by having a centralized institute to create and maintain certain standards to keep the industry in check. Labor and environmental laws can be implemented that can act as a very effective measure to stop any kind of exploitation of human and natural resources.

Qualitative audits should be performed on a regular basis by the centralized agency to concentrate on the working conditions of people in the manufacturing plants. In many parts of the developing world, consumers are not aware or concerned by issues of responsible fashion, especially compared to the young but growing ethically & sustainably aware consumer movement in developed countries.

As an indicator, check where fast-fashion retailers are opening new shops and ask yourself why. New stores opening in Africa shows the growth of a new middle class which has enough money to spend.…

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Top 10 Fashion and Style Tips for Men

Today’s metrosexual, it is equally important international fashion forward men to him as his manly image chic is no qualms of the poet. What he wants to be updated with the latest in fashion, it’s rather hot. So here is your chance to be together folk who spice up their wardrobe with the latest trends, colors and styles. We have 10 men fashion and style tips for you to enlighten fashion tours take you read Gallo.

1. Dress up! Coat & Tie looking nails. More complete view of the shrine during a full day of business meetings, a perfect day for another office, the right pants, combined with a crisp shirt and cufflinks.

2. You can not escape fashion denim ripped a tee look. If you are looking to play a little show, funky colors and rectangular scarf tied around in style wearing the slippers!

3. Color is not just for little gifts that we see splashed the wardrobe of a woman. Now you can play with it man. Red, purple, orange, blue, green, yellow etc. But yeah, go for colors that are not on the agenda, such as running around a tree that looks like a nerd, it is a coat, jacket, shirt and pants. Proper color match with classic dark shadows!

4 people every time you enter the room, you will notice with the troops. As for the bags of the men are options that are available in various colors, designs, cuts and styles. Briefcases, duffle bags, laptop bags, sling bags, backpacks … phewww! The list is endless.

5. A man is known as the shoes he wears. Any event be well fitted, wear shoes polished and handsome. There’s nothing more for the people than dress shoes. There is a range of brands that provide dress shoes. In addition, the sports shoes, sneakers, sandals, boots plethora of options, such as

6. A good smelling man is the sexiest man in the world. Everyone has their own signature scent, you know you you should leave a trail of fresh air walk in the room.

7. The right accessories! If a man knows how to get his watch, sunglasses, belts, ties, cufflinks, etc. wallet, right next view is right. Of course, you know too much. If you are wearing all of them at one time, you can only see if you stylish and mix well matched. So it’s a good idea to keep understated!

8. In the case of the autumn season, around to tie a scarf, you keep far away from the harsh wind Oh look so good while. When the team properly tied scarf works well in both casual and formal. Avoid bright colors.

9. Men’s jewelry is now denied leave and round in the fashion circuit for a while. Daring man of today is sometimes happen earrings, bracelets, rings, chains, etc. complete security of his men, so.

10. It is a sexy man wearing traditional undoubtedly. Fab for a look that handsome ethnic Indian, try brands like yelling, earthy colors and so on.

Of course, it is important to have with the flow, as well as fashion sense, but it should reflect your own personal style. The high comfort factor followed by X Factor. After all, it is important that you allow yourself how to do your clothes. And do not worry, you do not have to jump from 10 stores to collect all the essential elements of fashion. Men and women, but men as well as clothing and accessories for children, log on to any online store that is your one-stop shopping of all kinds. So hurry up before others grab the best fit pieces.…

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Designer Watches Online – Spotting the Real from the Fake

Many people look online first when they want to buy designer watches. There are so many deals available online and much more choice than there is in regular ‘bricks and mortar’ stores. Online stores do not tend to have the same overheads and can therefore sell their products cheaper than they would be in a traditional shop.

Non-similar as they show in thumbnails.

But one of the problems with buying products online is the fact that you cannot actually have a look at it until it arrives by post. Another problem is the fact that there tends to be a lot of fake watches sold everywhere including online. So how can you spot the real from the fake when it comes to designer watches? The following tips should help you to determine whether or not that designer watch you are buying is the real deal:

Spotting by price

The quickest way for you to spot a fake watch is the price. Even if you are getting a cheap deal on a real designer watch it will never usually drop below £150 whereas fake designer watches will normally be sold for anything from £20 to £80. It is not very common for a real designer watch to be sold at half the original price even during sale periods.

Many fake watches will have been advertised with a life of around two or three years but a real designer watch would be expected to last much longer than that. Designers would not charge the amount they do for their watches if they were expected to conk out after a couple of years.

A real designer watch will almost always use a crystal for the watch face instead of glass that is used for fake watches. You can tell the difference by putting a drop of water onto the watch face. If it is crystal, beads will form but if it is glass the water will just smear.…

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Why Designer Fashion Appeals to Ordinary People, Not Just the Rich

labels. The rich aren’t the only ones wearing these clothes anymore

Designer fashion has always seemed to be the domain of the rich and famous. Few others could afford to wear things made by Armani, Prada, Gucci, Manolo, Jimmy Choo, and other big names in fashion. These items always seemed to be out of reach of the normal, everyday person. However, just because they can’t afford them doesn’t mean that ordinary people don’t find designer fashion appealing. In fact, many do, and today, it’s actually possible for ordinary people to own a few products by designer labels. The rich aren’t the only ones wearing these clothes anymore.

Designer fashion appeals to anyone who wants to look good

Yes, you can look pretty good in any outfit, especially if you know how to coordinate accessories and how to play up your particular strengths. However, there’s something about designer fashion that gives it that extra bit of glamour. Part of it is the quality: one of the reasons designer clothing costs more is that they use only the best materials. Higher quality material simply looks better. These outfits are also often personally tailored to the individual so they fit perfectly. This has a huge impact on how clothing looks when it’s worn and can mean the difference between looking great and looking flat out stunning.


Of course, designer labels are also a status symbol, and that appeals to some people. When a celebrity wears an outfit by a famous designer, that celebrity’s fans will want to wear similar outfits. Then there’s the status that often comes with owning designer clothing and accessories. Being the only person in your social circle who owns a pair of Manolo shoes can make all your friends jealous. Some people don’t care about that, however. They simply want to own something that looks great and is of very high quality, and designer fashion is both.…

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How To Choose Glasses To Suit Your Face Shape

Eyeglasses epitomize the crossover between form and function. Considered by some a necessary evil, others consider them an expressive statement. In fact, choosing glasses to compliment your features has long been a fashion art form.

Points to Consider

Avoid blindly following current trends without considering what looks best. Your glasses should emphasize you and not the other way around. If you are limited to one pair of glasses, consider fun and funky for a less expensive accessory.

Always try to draw attention away from the feature you like the least while emphasizing your most favorable feature. Consider, for example, that the style of glasses chosen can shorten a long nose, or that the correct color choice in a frame can emphasize eye color.

Face shape plays an integral role in choosing the best glasses. Before you begin shopping, determine your face shape. It may seem like a daunting task, but there are ways to make it manageable. Look in the mirror. Consider your forehead, cheekbones, and jaw line. What is the widest point? How do the other points compare to it? You can make small dots with eye liner around the perimeter of your reflection and then connect the dots to establish the shape. Try taking a “selfie” to help you decide. The basic face shapes are round, square, heart shaped/ inverted triangle, triangle, or oval. Of course there can be crossover between the different shapes; do your best to choose the predominant one. Once you have made your decision, abide by a few simple suggestions to help your glasses make the most of you.

Round Face

There is little difference between the length and width of a round face. Curves are predominant. Frames with geometric shapes tend to de-emphasize roundness. Dark frames are okay, but they shouldn’t be too heavy. Adjustable nose pads help keep frames from resting on full cheeks. Last, sometimes frames slightly wider than a face can have a slimming effect.

Square Face

In a square face, there is little difference between the width of the forehead, cheekbones, and jaw line. Angles dominate. A person with this face should avoid bold, black frames with geometric lines. Neutral, rimless, or semi rimless frames are a flattering choice.

Heart Shaped Face

The heart shaped face is an inverted triangle, with high cheekbones between a wider forehead and a tapered chin. Avoid creating a line across the widest part of the face, and keep in mind that softer, sometimes rimless frames can minimize the forehead.

Triangular Face

A triangular face often has full cheeks and a strong chin, while the forehead seems narrower. Bold frames and darker rims with stylish detailing can draw attention to and emphasize the top of the face.

Oval Face

An oval face is considered a classic shape, with the top and bottom narrower than the middle. Try to sustain the balance of the features. Frames should only be as wide as, or slightly wider than, the widest point of the face. If they are too narrow, they can lengthen the features. The diamond shaped face is very much like the oval, with sharper angles. Many of the same “oval face” rules apply here, but soft gentle lines should be incorporated.

Remember, your glasses are a constantly visible accessory. It is possible to express your personal style, flatter your face, and even have fun with a little forethought and deliberation.…

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