Why Designer Fashion Appeals to Ordinary People, Not Just the Rich

labels. The rich aren’t the only ones wearing these clothes anymore

Designer fashion has always seemed to be the domain of the rich and famous. Few others could afford to wear things made by Armani, Prada, Gucci, Manolo, Jimmy Choo, and other big names in fashion. These items always seemed to be out of reach of the normal, everyday person. However, just because they can’t afford them doesn’t mean that ordinary people don’t find designer fashion appealing. In fact, many do, and today, it’s actually possible for ordinary people to own a few products by designer labels. The rich aren’t the only ones wearing these clothes anymore.

Designer fashion appeals to anyone who wants to look good

Yes, you can look pretty good in any outfit, especially if you know how to coordinate accessories and how to play up your particular strengths. However, there’s something about designer fashion that gives it that extra bit of glamour. Part of it is the quality: one of the reasons designer clothing costs more is that they use only the best materials. Higher quality material simply looks better. These outfits are also often personally tailored to the individual so they fit perfectly. This has a huge impact on how clothing looks when it’s worn and can mean the difference between looking great and looking flat out stunning.


Of course, designer labels are also a status symbol, and that appeals to some people. When a celebrity wears an outfit by a famous designer, that celebrity’s fans will want to wear similar outfits. Then there’s the status that often comes with owning designer clothing and accessories. Being the only person in your social circle who owns a pair of Manolo shoes can make all your friends jealous. Some people don’t care about that, however. They simply want to own something that looks great and is of very high quality, and designer fashion is both.…

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