How To Choose Glasses To Suit Your Face Shape

Eyeglasses epitomize the crossover between form and function. Considered by some a necessary evil, others consider them an expressive statement. In fact, choosing glasses to compliment your features has long been a fashion art form.

Points to Consider

Avoid blindly following current trends without considering what looks best. Your glasses should emphasize you and not the other way around. If you are limited to one pair of glasses, consider fun and funky for a less expensive accessory.

Always try to draw attention away from the feature you like the least while emphasizing your most favorable feature. Consider, for example, that the style of glasses chosen can shorten a long nose, or that the correct color choice in a frame can emphasize eye color.

Face shape plays an integral role in choosing the best glasses. Before you begin shopping, determine your face shape. It may seem like a daunting task, but there are ways to make it manageable. Look in the mirror. Consider your forehead, cheekbones, and jaw line. What is the widest point? How do the other points compare to it? You can make small dots with eye liner around the perimeter of your reflection and then connect the dots to establish the shape. Try taking a “selfie” to help you decide. The basic face shapes are round, square, heart shaped/ inverted triangle, triangle, or oval. Of course there can be crossover between the different shapes; do your best to choose the predominant one. Once you have made your decision, abide by a few simple suggestions to help your glasses make the most of you.

Round Face

There is little difference between the length and width of a round face. Curves are predominant. Frames with geometric shapes tend to de-emphasize roundness. Dark frames are okay, but they shouldn’t be too heavy. Adjustable nose pads help keep frames from resting on full cheeks. Last, sometimes frames slightly wider than a face can have a slimming effect.

Square Face

In a square face, there is little difference between the width of the forehead, cheekbones, and jaw line. Angles dominate. A person with this face should avoid bold, black frames with geometric lines. Neutral, rimless, or semi rimless frames are a flattering choice.

Heart Shaped Face

The heart shaped face is an inverted triangle, with high cheekbones between a wider forehead and a tapered chin. Avoid creating a line across the widest part of the face, and keep in mind that softer, sometimes rimless frames can minimize the forehead.

Triangular Face

A triangular face often has full cheeks and a strong chin, while the forehead seems narrower. Bold frames and darker rims with stylish detailing can draw attention to and emphasize the top of the face.

Oval Face

An oval face is considered a classic shape, with the top and bottom narrower than the middle. Try to sustain the balance of the features. Frames should only be as wide as, or slightly wider than, the widest point of the face. If they are too narrow, they can lengthen the features. The diamond shaped face is very much like the oval, with sharper angles. Many of the same “oval face” rules apply here, but soft gentle lines should be incorporated.

Remember, your glasses are a constantly visible accessory. It is possible to express your personal style, flatter your face, and even have fun with a little forethought and deliberation.…

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