Keep chemicals at bay, perfumes and colognes that are chemical-free

Perfumes are in use for long, almost as long as humans have existed. It was first created in Ancient Egypt and since then it has evolved much as a product. Best perfumes have developed in a variety of styles, mixtures, and preparations. People like to adore oneself after using some perfumes that have got a nice pleasing smell.

Many brands are available these days that produce such perfumes but these perfumes do not any resemblance of original oils, colognes and eau de toilette that were previously made by using herbs and spices. The products used to manufacture perfumes these days are petrochemicals, which are derived from harmful petroleum and natural gas. Various other toxins are used as well in the production.

The chemicals used are not only harmful to the environment but they harm human health as well and cause damage to human health such as hormonal disruption, cancer, sperm damage and many other diseases that are worse. Have you ever experienced a headache after you turned a nose to a particular fragrance of perfume at the cologne counter of a departmental store

Different types of chemical-free perfumes

Oil-Based Perfume

These perfumes are made by mixing either a carrier oil or vodka along with some essential oils. The natural oils used in the production of such perfumes are easily absorbed into the skin and even contain hydrating properties.


Follow the easy basic ratio to make oil-based perfumes :

– 2 Tablespoons of any carrier oil such as olive oil, jojoba oil or coconut oil.
– 4 Tablespoons of Vodka.
– 30-40 drops of any essential oil probably of your choice.
– 2 Tablespoons of distilled water

Keeping distilled water aside mix all the other ingredients well and store the mixture in a container made of glass. Keep the bottle in a dark, cool place undisturbed for 6 weeks. This process will allow the mixture to mature properly. After 6 weeks, mix the oil with distilled water when you are planning to use the scent. Your safe and natural perfume is ready to use.

Oil-free perfume

For summer season when days are sticky, or for healing skin after sunburns, perfumes that are oil-free are great and you can also try amazing Cucumber aloe Body Mist. Aloe Vera helps in soothing sore skin, and the Mist needs to be refrigerated to store it so that it doesn’t get spoiled. The crisp cucumber and lemon will become great after refrigerating them and will give an awesome feeling when applied to the skin.

Another way of making oil-free perfumes are soaking your choice of dried herbs, spices, flowers or peels of vodka that are citrus in nature. You can soak them in water or mixing vodka and water in equal proportions. Set the mixture aside for a week and store it in a cool, dry place overnight or maybe for a span of one week. Strain the mixture using a strainer to separate the solids from it and store it in a refrigerator for the whole month. You can also create perfumes by experimenting with your herbs that are grown in your own garden.

Solid Perfume

Solid perfumes are loved by many and are preferred by many people. Solid perfumes can be produced in your kitchen yourself according to your preferences. Try the basic easy to make the recipe. The ingredients include beeswax as well and if you are not a big fan of bees products, consider swapping that with any product by selecting a similar bee-friendly option.

Natures perfume

If you are someone who doesn’t prefer using perfumes then give some natural products a try and smell fresh all day long with the help of some amazing scent left by the products. Sweet and good sight and smell of fresh flowers can not be resisted by anyone.

You can also try some perfumes by making a combination according to your choice and smell amazing and stand out in the crowd. Any combination of essential oils of dried herbs can be used to produce a scent that will turn various noses towards it.

Harmful effects of using chemical-induced perfumes

Fragrance doesn’t always mean something pleasing to the nose and an amazing smell like best smelling cuba cologne. The fact is often overlooked that the chemicals used to prepare fragrances are harmful and sometimes toxic in nature that can sometimes have a pungent smell. Chemicals are often used in the production of the scent to give them a distinct fragrance or to mask the odor of other ingredients.

Exposure to these chemicals can be harmful to a human being and can cause various problems such as irritation in the eyes and nose, throat irritation, forgetfulness, loss of coordination, nausea, etc. Many ingredients used for providing fragrance to the perfume can cause allergic reactions too. They also cause irritation in the respiratory system and sensitizers. Some serious health conditions can also occur by using chemical-induced perfumes such as asthma attacks, sinus problems, etc.

Fragrances in health care

The health care products supplied also contain fragrances that are from various resources that are mentioned below

  • Fragrances that are emitted from devices and sprays.
  • Workers, patients, and other people who have used body sprays and other products.
  • Clothes that have been washed with detergents that have scents used or fabric softeners.
  • Fragrances used in cosmetics, skin lotions and hair products.

The air quality indoors can be improved in the health care facilities if the hospitals introduce fragrance-free policies for employees, products, non-employee hospital occupants.

Hospitals can also consider using health care products and cleaning agents that are free from fragrances emitted from the chemicals. Safe products free from chemicals should be used as personal care products. You can also search for such products online or in departmental stores that are free from fragrances of all kinds.

The chemicals used in the production can be harmful not only to the person who has direct contact with it but also to others who breathe in the chemicals as secondary users.