Designer Watches Online – Spotting the Real from the Fake

Many people look online first when they want to buy designer watches. There are so many deals available online and much more choice than there is in regular ‘bricks and mortar’ stores. Online stores do not tend to have the same overheads and can therefore sell their products cheaper than they would be in a traditional shop.

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But one of the problems with buying products online is the fact that you cannot actually have a look at it until it arrives by post. Another problem is the fact that there tends to be a lot of fake watches sold everywhere including online. So how can you spot the real from the fake when it comes to designer watches? The following tips should help you to determine whether or not that designer watch you are buying is the real deal:

Spotting by price

The quickest way for you to spot a fake watch is the price. Even if you are getting a cheap deal on a real designer watch it will never usually drop below £150 whereas fake designer watches will normally be sold for anything from £20 to £80. It is not very common for a real designer watch to be sold at half the original price even during sale periods.

Many fake watches will have been advertised with a life of around two or three years but a real designer watch would be expected to last much longer than that. Designers would not charge the amount they do for their watches if they were expected to conk out after a couple of years.

A real designer watch will almost always use a crystal for the watch face instead of glass that is used for fake watches. You can tell the difference by putting a drop of water onto the watch face. If it is crystal, beads will form but if it is glass the water will just smear.