Want to talk about fragrance like a pro? Here is your guide to teach you some fragrances term.

Summer guide

As the summer heats up your body and make your body to sweat more, your body becomes the attraction for some bacteria and fungi which in turn gives your characteristics sweat smell. People are very attentive in controlling the sweating smell. The best way to get rid of sweaty smell is perfume. People around the globe use it and some people use it on a daily basis. But , very few of them can tell you about the term used in fragrance Industry. They can tell you about the brands and perfumes which smells better but when the term citric, woody and same terminology used in fragrance industry came into play they just get blown.

If you want to be a fragrance expert in front of your friends and colleagues then you are at a good place to be. Here is your guide to make you learn about some of the most used terminology of fragrance which is used by fragrance expert. One of the experts had given us their precious time to tell us about the terminology and their meanings. So, just get lean on your bed or on your desk , wherever you feel comfortable and read this .

Citrus fragrance

Many people or may be few of the can tell you about the fragrances like rose and citrus. But very few of them can tell you about other terms . We will start defining the terms. Here we begin.

Gourmand:- it actually means yummy or you can say tasty. It means that when you smell it you will get your mouth filled with water, that is saliva. It is type of scents which wakes your “papilles”. In French it means tastebuds. Tastebuds are the nerves which gets activated whenever you smell or eat anything tasty and yummy. Which in response makes your mouth salivate. In common words anything which is like sweet and sugary are called as gourmand. Usually it is referred to vanilla. As it is both sweet and sugary. Orange blossom and apricot which is dried up to made candle are also very popular too.

Oud :- Oud is not a synthetic fibre. It is just a type of resin of tree. It is very popular in the Middle East areas. You can also find it the warm areas and continents. Worlds most expensive oud came from the tree of Japan. It is used by many famous fragrance maker. People harvest it just for the fragrance industry. It is not came out naturally from the tree. It is made from the tree. It goes through some process to become useful for making perfumes from it. First , you have to go under the skin of tree.

You have to dig deeper and deeper until you get the wet woods. They you have to dry it under the sun untill it gets its smoky smell and then you can extract the oud from it. There are also animal ouds which is obtained from camel but many perfumers do not use it.

Musky:- It came from animal. But nowadays synthetic musk is also in use. It is used to add warmth in fragrances. It also works with pheromones to spark attraction and desire. It has a very light tone of smell . It lies between floral and sweet smell.

Woody:- One should not get confused between woody and oud. They both are different. Woody is a description; oud is a note. Woody smells came from wood only like Amber and many more but you can combine our with some flower as well.

Spicy:- As its name suggest spicy means the type of scents which tickles your nose in someways. It has overtone note which in smell is very deeper. It also has pepper in it. Which gave it a spicy touch. It also has bergamot which is a citrus but in its pure form it is very spicy also.

Oriental:- When you mix woody and spicy smell it is Oriental. It is sometimes gets associated with oud and Amber. The term isn’t used to describe ingredients or scents from the Oriental region.
Now you have learned the most used fragrance words. Now you can show off in front of your friends and colleagues.